Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

i'm single but my heart was taken by someone

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my friend told me, many girls love to me. and i don't believe when he told me
someone or (the girl) said "will you be my boy friend"
and my friend said to the girl " sorry"
and then, the girl asked my friend " you are handsome and single, but why you do not have girl friend?"
and my friend said again " i know, i'm single but my heart was taken by someone".
and last question the girl " how the lucky girl, had taken your heart?"

my friend just smile and said slowly "secret"
and my friend always said to other girls that i'm single but my heart was taken by someone. my heart just for her. but i do not who the lucky girl had taken his heart.

i thingking, my friend and i same have problem. yaaap heart. maybe. my heart was taken by someone. ehmm ehmmm ehmmm i forget who someone had taken my heart :B. hehehe. and may be difficult to be returned and take a long time. maybe, other people which single, sad. why i do not have boy friend or girl friend. but someday your feel your heart was taken by someone, when you meet someone in other place and when you single not related anything.

and some people maybe already felt about heart was taken by someone and confused or missed him or her if they leave in your life

be the way, thank's to my friend told to me, about your experience. i hope the lucky girl, someday can be your girl friend \m/

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